Transport & logistics

  • Establishment of companies by client’s specification
  • Consulting with choice of business form
  • Creation of Memorandum of Foundation, memorandum of association, statutes, and all necessary documents
  • Provision of law and notary services
  • Settlement of license of business and concession
  • Registration of company into business register
  • Registration of company for income tax, VAT
  • Assistance with bank account creation, help with bank choice
  • Representation of client at corresponding offices
  • Search of appropriate Offices for company headquarter
  • Obtaining transport licences & concessions
  • Recruiting of a person with professional qualification in transportation
  • Complex back office support
  • Providing assistance during technical & emission controls
  • Providing assistance with registration and service of tachographs
  • Registration and deregistration of vehicles
  • Registration of changes of ownership in vehicle registration certificate
  • Expiration of leaseing contract
  • Registration of other changes in vehicle registration certificate
  • Komplex management of vehicle fleet
  • Recruitment of employees for the position of international transport driver
  • Recruitment interviews according to clients’ specifications

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Juraj Gerberi
project department
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Andrea Gerberi
financial department
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Juraj Gerberi

project department
Tel.: 00421 908 984 538
Fax: 00421 2 5556 9862


Our best reference is our satisfied customers who for some years now in cooperation with us develop their long-term business plans. Loyalty together with high quality of services provided and the word of mouth give solid ground for our marketing and PR activities. Please ask about CIBS in your market and this will provide you with most valuable references you seek.